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Jasdeep Singh


BSc. Biotechnology

Co-founding member of IP SENSE, Jasdeep started his IP practice in 2002 and has gained valuable experience in all areas of intellectual property protection and management in Malaysia and other jurisdictions.

Jasdeep has a strong interest in assisting researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, counsels and businesses thrive, as he leverages his technical background in biotechnology to provide a unique perspective to their patent needs. His technical background and experience enhance his technical understanding of the complexities of inventions, which in turn enables him to clearly communicate and provide sound practical advice to a broad range of clients, locally and abroad.

Some key areas of his patent practice include patentability searches, preparing patent specifications, responding to office actions, infringement opinions, advisory on patent strategy, portfolio management and ultimately securing strong commercial opportunities for clients in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemical, medical and mechanical devices, polymers, nanotechnology and consumer goods.

Further, Jasdeep represents clients in due-diligence investigations and conducts analyses to assess the strength and validity of a patent portfolio and potential patent infringement risks during investment, technology acquisition or business sale transactions. 

Jasdeep is active both domestically and overseas, and regularly attends international IP conferences by the Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA), International Trademark Association (INTA), International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA) to keep abreast with developments in the evolving IP industry and maintain his strong links with foreign patent and trademark attorneys.

When out of office, Jasdeep spends much of his time with his wife and kids with his passion for sports in particular football and hockey, travelling, and social activities occupying most of his free time.

Jasdeep can be reached at:

  +603-2201 2328
  +6012-223 5378
  +603-2202 2329

Edna Aloysius


LL.B Hons.

Edna is the Director of the Malaysian IP Firm, IP SENSE Sdn. Bhd, which she co-founded in 2016. Apart from her management role, she spearheads the Trademarks and Industrial Design Department at IP SENSE. She has a background in law, with over 18 years of experience in intellectual property. Edna is a Registered Trademark and Industrial Design Agent of Malaysia.

Edna is experienced in managing trademark and design portfolios for large multinational and local companies. She has brought successful closures to numerous cases involving trademark and domain name misappropriation, oppositions and other IP related issues. Her key skills include:

  • IP portfolio management and strategy
  • Consultancy in contentious, conflict and opposition related matters
  • Litigation review and strategy support (coordination of court related actions)
  • Franchising and licensing
  • Mediation & negotiations for dispute resolution 
  • Drafting of IP related agreements
  • Enforcement raids, strategy and support

A hands-on and goal-oriented person, Edna has been involved the development of IP management systems, policies and procedures for various local education institutions and corporate bodies in Malaysia.

Edna regularly participates in various IP courses and conferences, locally and internationally, including International Trademark Association (INTA), Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) and ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA).

On the artistic side, Edna is passionate about singing and had performed with the Young KL Singers. Edna keeps tab of the local musical theatre scenes and regularly spends her time with family or friends watching the latest act. She enjoys travelling and has keen interests in working with animals in her spare time.

Edna can be reached at:

  +603-2201 2328
  +6012-296 7756
  +603-2202 2329

Mohaganesh Velautham


BEng. Electrical & Electronics

MEng. Industrial Control & Electronics

Mohaganesh or Mohan as he is better known as, among his contemporaries, has worked in the area of patents since 2010. His professional experience in IP coupled with industrial experience in electrical and electronic engineering, positions him well in patent practice. His engineering experience includes exposure to the field of electrical, control engineering, electronics, instrumentation and testing, industrial machinery and manufacturing.

Mohan’s patent practice focuses mainly on inventions that relate to the field of electrical and electronics engineering, industrial control and automation, ergonomics, power electronics, robotics, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, physics and photonics. To date, he has worked on a number of local and foreign patent applications that have now been granted and even commercialized. 

Particularly, his key skills include advising clients on patentability of inventions, attending to pre-filing matters, carrying out freedom-to-operate searches and analysis, advisory on infringement, drafting patent specifications, responding to office actions, prosecution of patent applications locally and abroad, as well as maintenance of client patent portfolios.

Over the years, Mohan has attended numerous IP courses related to patent prosecution and patent drafting, such as the 2015 FICPI South East Asian Patent Drafting (SEAD) Course.

During his free time, Mohan enjoys leisure reading, watching movies and listening to music.

Mohan can be reached at:

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329

Nur Hamizah Azman


BEng. Chemical Engineering

Nur Hamizah, or fondly known as Miza, holds an honours degree in chemical engineering from University Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Prior to joining the firm in early 2017, Miza had completed a research project in the area of control engineering where she studied the meal disturbance effect on blood glucose control of type 1 diabetes patients. She also worked on a design project of a phthalic anhydride plant. The combination of her undergraduate degree and technical experience provides a foundation for uniquely practicing patents in a corporate setting.

Since joining the firm, Miza has worked closely under the supervision of the firm’s senior patent and trade mark attorneys. In addition, Miza keeps up to date with legal developments in the IP field and attends relevant courses from time to time to encourage her development and professional growth in IP practice. The technical expertise of Miza includes the field of chemical engineering, material engineering, mechanical, image processing, optics and technical physics, alloys, composite materials, nano-materials, polymers, chemical and industrial processes.

The main emphasis of her patent practice includes discussing invention disclosures with inventors and providing pre-filing advice and strategy; analysing scientific/technical documents and patent publications, and providing opinion on patentability; carrying out freedom-to-operate searches and analysis; managing clients’ IP management portfolio, as well as drafting and prosecuting patent applications before the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) and foreign Industrial Property Offices, both at the national and regional level.

Miza has a strong interest in learning foreign languages, especially the Japanese language. Besides, Miza enjoys reading and finds playing word games as one of her favourite activities during her free time.

Miza can be reached at: 

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329

Seoh Jing Loon


LL.B Hons., LL.M.

Jing Loon graduated from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom with a Bachelor and Master Degree in Law, with extensive knowledge on Intellectual Property, Privacy & Data Protection, International Commercial and Maritime Laws. Prior to joining IP SENSE, Jing Loon was with the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group, representing the Regional Financial Crime team in Asia, monitoring the portfolios of clients from numerous countries across Asia.

At IP SENSE, Jing Loon specialises in trademark and industrial design portfolio management and protection. His practice encompasses preliminary due diligence and advisory work, which includes conducting searches and providing brand protection strategies, carrying out domestic watch services, advising on use and registration of trademarks and designs.

In addition, Jing Loon is responsible for filing and prosecuting trademark and industrial design applications, both locally and abroad. He also focuses on substantive matters, such as attending to objections, hearings before the Registrar, as well as attending to contentious issues, including oppositions, negotiating settlements and liaising with legal counsels. Other transactional matters, such as assignments, licencing and franchising are also under Jing Loon’s care.

When out of office, Jing Loon enjoys coaching marching bands with his recognized experience – Best Drum Major of Malaysia Secondary School Marching Band Competition in year 2009. He has produced numerous award-winning students and equipped them with core leadership skills and high level of confidence.

Jing Loon can be reached at:

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329

Alkamil Kamarludin


BLS. Hons., LL.M. (IP Law)

Originally from the south east city of Kuantan, Kamil is equipped with a degree in legal studies and a master degree in intellectual property law. Kamil began his career as a paralegal at a legal firm and subsequently moved on to teach law at a private college just prior to pursuing his career with IP SENSE.

With a legal and IP academic background, Kamil manages local and foreign trademark and patent portfolios. His practice in the area of pre-filing or preliminary matters includes conducting searches and providing advisory on registrability and procedural matters. In addition, Kamil is also responsible for filing, prosecuting and maintenance of trademark and patent applications and registrations, both locally and abroad.

Adding to his repertoire, Kamil conducts legal research on various IP-related issues and manages the firm’s resource centre, ensuring knowledge dissemination and keeping us updated on the latest IP developments.

Kamil is also involved at various initiatives to streamline and automate processes to enhance the efficiency of the firm’s performance.

Kamil is passionate about music and is actively involved in a local band when out of office.

Kamil can be reached at:

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329


Nironjini Supramania Pillay


BSc. Bioinformatics

Nironjini or fondly known as Niro, holds a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Bioinformatics. Prior to embarking her career in the patent industry, Niro worked as a research assistant in University Malaya, where she was involved in cancer research and related laboratory works.

Niro joined IP SENSE in early 2019 and supports the firm’s patent practitioners by performing various administrative duties and tasks in the day-to-day management of patent portfolios.

Her primary responsibilities encompass the formalities aspect of preparing, processing and prosecuting patent applications in Malaysia and abroad, which includes:

  • Preparing all types of patent-related documents and forms, as well as correspondence.
  • Preparing and filing formal documents required for patent prosecution in Malaysia and foreign jurisdictions, for example power of attorney, assignment, declaration and statement of entitlement.
  • Liaising with the patent Registry officers on any arising matter, as well as monitoring status of the firm’s patent portfolio.
  • Managing and assisting the firm’s patent practice prosecution dockets.
  • Managing prosecution files.
  • Monitoring and handling patent renewals for locally granted and foreign patents.

Niro is very passionate and actively involved in dancing when out of office. Specializing in Indian classical dance and Peranakan cultural dance, her creative and graceful talent has led to live performance in numerous events throughout Malaysia.

Niro can be reached at:

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329

Renukha Dewi


Industrial Certificate in Interactive Multimedia

Renu hails from the state of Perak, Malaysia, which is known for its unique traditional pottery culture. Prior to joining IP SENSE in 2016, Renu has had considerable years of experience working as an assistant paralegal with well-known IP firms in the country in respect of a wide-range of IP practice areas.  

Despite her gentle demeanour, Renu is a talented multi-tasker. Her roles at IP SENSE include:  

  • Handling a range of responsibilities as relate to trademark filing and prosecution
  • Ordering and preparing trademark search reports.
  • Preparing and filing electronic trademark applications.
  • Monitoring trademark acceptances, publications and registrations.
  • Docketing and managing local and foreign trademark renewals cases.
  • Corresponding with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) on various issues.

On the administrative front, Renu supervises other support staff in the administration of our accounting system, mailing system and record management system to ensure the firm’s continuous and seamless operation.  

Outside of work, Renu enjoys playing the violin, creative arts and crafts, and some DIY projects.

Renu can be reached at:

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329

Narveen Kumar


BEng. Mechanical

Narveen is a practising Indian patent attorney with a background in mechanical engineering. He has extensive Intellectual Property (IP) experience and specializes in counselling on protection, enforcement and management of Intellectual Property assets. His core areas in IP include prosecution and management of patents, designs and trademarks. Over the years, Narveen has been assisting a variety of clients including but not limited to large corporate, research institutions, universities, individual innovators, small and medium sized companies with regard to mining intellectual property, building strategies to safeguard the same, preparing and filing for appropriate IP protection, getting the grants/registrations, advising on enforcement and management of IP portfolios.

On the patents side, Narveen has been actively involved in drafting of patent applications, patent analytics and patent prosecution services in the areas relating to mechanical, electromechanical, electronics and telecommunications, bio‐medical instrumentation and software. He has extensive experience in prosecuting patent applications (including PCT National Phase, convention and regular applications on a global scale).

On the trademark side, Narveen has been actively involved in advising on trade mark clearance searches, assisting clients in prosecuting trade mark applications up to registrations and enforcement of their trademark rights. In the domain of Designs, Narveen has been actively involved in managing portfolios for design registrations and enforcement building strategies for clients. His extensive interaction with clients, both at the organizational (corporate and R&D centres) and institutional levels, over the years has involved him in making several presentations on various IP related issues at different platforms.  He is a member of various international IP forums and actively participates in various international conferences.

Narveen is passionate about sports and travelling, and spends much of his time with his wife and son when out of office.

Narveen can be reached at:

   +603-2201 2328
   +603-2202 2329

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